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Mint for Mounts is pleased to offer a Corporate Sponsor Program. Corporate sponsorships can be in any amount in either financial support or in value of goods and services.  Sponsorship of a video in the Video to Adoption program is suggested at $100.   As a Corporate sponsor your business will receive: a link to your website through ours on our Sponsors page as well as a mention in our Video to Adoption program. 

Corporate Sponsorship is a great way for local businesses to support their communities while also helping a worthy cause in-and-of itself. In addition, regional, national, and international companies benefit from corporate sponsorship by demonstrating an interest in the local community; building a stronger relationship with its members through demonstrated interest, direct contact and fostering trust.
Mint for Mounts is a non-profit public charity dedicated to making a difference for horses in need. We are an all volunteer organization and receive no federal or state funding. Every penny donated to our organization goes towards our general operations, horse rescue and care. We are in need of generous sponsors like you who can help us continue our mission.

Your sponsorship will:

•    Provide support for growth and expansion
•    Allow us to expand our Video to Adoption program by making more videos of rescue horses and further decrease the adoption period which    will in turn allow for more horses to be rescued
•    Give us the opportunity to continue to help horses in need, provide funding for educational clinics, and increase public awareness through community outreach

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor or have any questions regarding the Corporate Sponsorship program, please email us at


 Thank you to all our sponsors and partners. Together we make a difference!
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