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Video to Adoption Program
Mint for Mounts is dedicated to help rescue horses find permanent homes and that is why we are starting our new Video to Adoption program. This program is designed to help other horse rescue organizations place their adoptable horses by providing to them the resources needed to make and post videos of the adoptable horses.

Go to our you tube channel to view our video's.  If you are a rescue organization, please email us at to find out how we can help you get started.

Congratulations to Lauren for adopting Steele. His name now is Royal Blue! They bonded immediately and he is happy as can be in his new home and he deserves it! Here he is in his new home:

New Rescue

Little Steele was surrendered as his family can no longer take care of him. He was a stallion, but has been gelded during his stay with us and is recovering nicely. His teeth were in very bad shape, so bad he could barely eat. The dentist has done as much work as he can and he can eat much better now, he can even eat the grass! His feet have also been trimmed. He is now ready for adoption! At 30 inches, he is definitely the smallest one in the barn. He is the sweetest horse ever and he loves attention. He would love to go to a home with other mini's to play with. Great with kids.

Retirement Fund

We are very happy to be able to provide retirement to Cappy. Now 28 and retired from the Boston Police Department two years ago.  He was in a foster home for a little while until he got used to grass in his diet and then was moved to his permanent home. He was a little stressed at first, but now is enjoying the well deserved life of rest and trailrides.  Here are some pictures:

Cappy in his foster home (he was there for two weeks):

 Cappy meeting his stable mates in his permanent home:

He needed some time to adjust, but now seems happy and is getting used to the new routine. We have to be careful at feeding time as he displays food aggression towards the other horses, but we have found the happy medium and have been able to keep everyone happy. A volunteer has taken charge of his daily grooming and he loves to go for trail rides! He has been very slowly introduced to grass and can now have an hour of grass a day. His favorite thing to do is to snooze outside (he can go in his stall any time he wants, but he prefers to be out).

Christmas 2009
Here is Cappy greeting people at a local Christmas Tree Farm, raising awareness for working horses and Mint for Mounts.

Winter 2010-2011
This winter has been a hard one, but Cappy is doing great. We suspected something was going on healthwise and had him tested for Cushings in December and he tested positive. He is now on the Pergolide medicine (about $50 per month) and we have adjusted his supplements a bit and he is doing very well. We also finally got him convinced that laying down in the stall in the shavings is better than outside in the snow! But he still likes to hang out outside in the snow:

Update fall 2011: Captain is still doing great and enjoying retirement. We have his Cushings disease and related issues under control with medication and vitamin supplements.  He was recently used in a photoshoot for the Northshore Magazine so look for his picture in the December 2011 issue!

Boston Park Rangers Mounted Unit
This year the Boston Park Ranger Mounted Unit is also facing being closed down unless enough funds are raised. We have been very happy to be able to help get he word out and be a sponsor when we can. Visit the Friends of the Boston Park Rangers Mounted Unit  web site for information on how you can help.


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