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Mission & History

The mission of Mint for Mounts includes raising funds for the care and maintenance of abandoned or neglected horses; raising funds for the care and maintenance of horses in the service of or in conjunction with governmental agencies; providing for a comfortable and humane retirement for horses no longer able or needed to work in the service of or in conjunction with governmental agencies; initiating, engaging in and promoting educational activities that are designed and intended to raise community awareness and understanding of the plight and needs of such horses; providing support and training opportunities for volunteers who devote their time, expertise, and resources to the care and well-being of horses.

How did Mint for Mounts get started?
It all got started in March 2009 when I was listening to NPR Morning edition where they announced that the Boston Mounted Police Unit would be disbanded as of June 30th, 2009. I was very upset and called the unit right away because I wanted to make sure the horses would wind up in the right places.  As soon as I spoke with the mounted unit, I knew that we had to try to fight and keep the unit in place; these officers were passionate and committed to the unit and horses. The Boston Mounted Unit had an excellent reputation; the horses were very well trained and very well taken care of. The horses were stabled at the Brandegee Estate in Jamaica Plain, a beautiful facility provided to the city of Boston at just $1 per year.

I immediately started an online petition which was signed by over 2600 individuals including former mounted unit sergeants and officers. Messages with support poured in from all over the country and the world. The Facebook page quickly grew to more than 3000 members. In addition to the petition which was provided to the Police Commissioner, the Mayor, and City Council, I testified at hearings regarding the subject and spoke with a lot of the media. Helas, in spite of the outpouring of support by the public and generous offer to fund the unit by Red Sox owner, John Henry, the unit was disbanded. Five of the horses were taken in by the Plymouth County Sheriff's department, two horses helped St. Petersburg, Florida start a mounted unit, one horse was added to the Pinnalas Park, Florida existing mounted unit, two horses were released back to private owners, and the oldest was adopted by Mint for Mounts.

Why did I get this involved? I have always had a lot of respect for the mounted units. My grandfather was a mounted police officer in Belgium where I grew up and I will never forget the twinkle in my grandfathers' eyes when he spoke of Jacky ("his" horse and partner). I have him to thank for my love of horses. Anyone who has seen a mounted unit in action knows that they are amazing and provide a factor of law enforcement that no other unit can provide. They provide positive public relation and crowd control like no other police unit can.

I would like to thank for everyone who supported me in this endeavor, I could not have done it without you!  

Nady Rampelbergh Peters, President

My grandfather, Isidoor Rampelbergh with Jacky

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